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I started my online business ten years ago ... and many, many things have changed!

The phrase "social media" wasn't even around back then!

One thing that has stayed the same is WordPress!

It was what people were using back then - and it's what people are using now!

If you are a coach, virtual assistant, designer, or something in between - and you want to start adding income to your business, you should consider learning how to teach your clients about using WordPress.

An Easy Way To Start Teaching WordPress Is With This Workshop, That You Can Sell As Your Own!

You get full PLR rights to it, so you can sell it and keep all the profits!

You can easily sell this workshop for $47 - $97, depending on your clients' price range.

You'll receive 12 videos & checklists, 5 workbooks, and marketing materials!

Here Are Some Ways That You Can Use This Workshop

Sell As A Self-Study Workshop

You could easily sell this as is, as a self-study workshop. Depending on your market, you could charge $47 - $97 for this workshop, as is! You could also add in other bonuses to increase the value and charge more.

Add Personalized Or Group Coaching

If you have knowledge of WordPress, you can host some individual or group coaching sessions, in a webinar room. You will be able to charge a much higher price for the workshop!

Give This As A Bonus To Your Clients

You could offer this to new (or existing) clients as a bonus gift. WordPress is something every business owner needs to learn!

Add It To Your Membership Site

Do you have a membership site, where you provide a library of content to your subscribers? Add this to your membership program!

This Is Starting To Sound Pretty Awesome, Right?

This is an easy way for you to start adding income to your business, without creating a lot more work for yourself!

Let's say you sold this as a self-study workshop, and you priced it at $47.

If you sold just 1 per day. You'd be making about $1,429 per month, or $17,155 per year.

That could help you pay off debt, buy a new car, pay for a vacation ....

Purchase Now For Just $67

You'll Receive These 12 Videos:

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    Installing WordPress
  • check
    Settings - Tools - Comments
  • check
    Choosing A Theme
  • check
    Updating WordPress
  • check
  • check
    Creating Pages
  • check
    Creating Posts
  • check
    Inserting Photos & Videos
  • check
    Categories & Tags
  • check
    Creating Menus & Navigation
  • check
    Sidebars, Widgets, and Customized Home Page
  • check
    Creating & Installing Customized Headers

You'll Also Receive The Following:

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A checklist for each video

PLUS - the following workbooks:

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    Welcome To WordPress - 10 Things To Do Right Away
  • check
    Make Sure Your Website + Blog Are Making A Good First Impression
  • check
    10 Things Every Website + Blog Need
  • check
    Plugins To Help Power Your Website + Blog
  • check
    10 Things To Do AFTER Your Website + Blog Are Set Up
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    PLUS - The Following Marketing Materials:
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    Freebie To Grow Your List - Why Should You Use WordPress ebook
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    5 email follow up messages
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    Graphics to promote your workshop (JPEG and PSD files)
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    Sample Sales Letter (in Word & HTML)

Sneak Peek!

Here Is Video #3 - Choosing A Theme

Here Are Some Of The Marketing Images That You'll Receive

** These are shown smaller than actual size, and are just some of the images you'll receive

You'll Get Immediate Access To EVERYTHING Listed Above!

You'll have a complete workshop, ready to sell, PLUS you'll have marketing materials to make it easier to start enrolling students and profiting from your own online course!

In Case We Haven’t Met Yet

Hi there! I’m Crissy Herron, the founder of IndieBizChicks.com & ReadyToUseContent.com

I started my business in 2007, and it has been my only income for years! Plus – I’m a single girl; there’s no husband or boyfriend helping me out. My business really is my sole income!

Starting my business was the BEST thing I’ve ever done! I get to do what I love, and I get to work on my own schedule.

I’m able to help my sister out with my nephews and niece (ages 4 – 18). I get to have all the family time I want. I get to travel when I want. And I never have to worry about asking a boss for permission!

Purchase Now For Just $67

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