• Alternative Education Articles

    This pack of 10 articles will help you give your readers an understanding of different alternatives to a traditional education for their child.

    The package includes the following articles:

    • Am I Qualified to Homeschool My Child?
    • Benefits of Homeschooling
    • Home Ed Resources
    • Is Homeschooling Expensive?
    • Covering the Legal Bases - What You Need to Know About Homeschool Laws
    • Homeschool Philosophies - Which One Fits You and Your Child?
    • Homeschooling and Unschooling - What's the Difference?
    • How to Plan Your Own Home Schooling Curriculum
    • Socialization and the Homeschooled Child
    • Answers to Top Questions about Homeschooling
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  • Back To School Articles And Tweets

    This pack of 10 articles and 10 tweets will help you get your readers ready for "Back To School."

    The package includes the following articles (with one read to use tweet per article):

    • Back To School Fashion For Boys
    • Back To School Fashion For Girls
    • Back To School Make Up Trends
    • Adapt Last Year's Trends
    • Back To School Lunchbox Ideas
    • Best Back To School Apps
    • How To Find Back To School Bargains
    • Latest Back To School Accessories
    • Latest Hairstyles For Back To School
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